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Anaconda, green , Iguaçu , river anaconda etc. snake It can be 8-10 meters long. It is the biggest and longest snake in the world. It is usually fed with crocodiles, deer, mammals, or other anaconda. There is no information about human eating.

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Scientific Name: Eunectes murinus
Type: Reptiles
Diet: Carnivore
Group Name: Bed, knot
Average life span in The Wild: 10 years
Size: 20 to 30 feet
Weight: Up to 550 pounds

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Jaguar Anaconda Patterned

Resolution: 3150x1854
Downloads: 34

Hd Anaconda Toxic

Resolution: 960x698
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The Lord Of

Resolution: 1680x1050
Downloads: 12

Ferocious And Deadly

Resolution: 1000x880
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Yellow Anaconda Rattlesnake

Resolution: 1200x692
Downloads: 7

Green Scary Anaconda

Resolution: 999x338
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The Most Powerful

Resolution: 636x500
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But Harmless Black

Resolution: 1024x654
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Transparent Patterned Black

Resolution: 480x321
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Guy Grabbed Anaconda

Resolution: 1000x562
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Yellow-Spotted Anaconda

Resolution: 647x720
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That Scares People

Resolution: 900x613
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Anaconda Snake Reptile

Resolution: 1265x829
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Anaconda Attack Mode

Resolution: 697x643
Downloads: 8

Get Anaconda Photo

Resolution: 857x768
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Transparent Background With

Resolution: 342x259
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Nature Calm Animal

Resolution: 1230x728
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The Gaping Anaconda

Resolution: 1000x955
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Simple Branch Green

Resolution: 2466x1654
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Cobra And Anaconda

Resolution: 700x1077
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Dark Brown Anaconda

Resolution: 2654x2263
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Anaconda Visual Images

Resolution: 514x490
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Black Anaconda Arms

Resolution: 1920x1080
Downloads: 7
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